Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stupidity or misinterpretation?

Ran into something outrageous today. I think this couple has never ever taken BART. They had 5 pieces of luggage with them and looked really winded in front of the station agent's window. I had some extra time so I wasn't running as usual...I slowly walked towards the the ticket gates and got a good portion of their conversation.

Apparently, they were very upset with the station agent and BART for some reason. I listened closely and found out that they were waiting by their parking space for over 20 minutes for the BART shuttle (first of all, no such thing) to pick them up from their space to bring them and their 5 pieces of luggage to the ticket gates. They saw the "County Connection" buses and mistaken them for BART parking shuttles. The couple said BART shouldn't have advertised that holiday travelers can park their long-term and take BART to the airport because long-term airport parking lots transport the patrons and their luggage.

I know how large and expansive some BART parking lots can be...especially for people with suitcases, but this is just plain stupid! Have they never taken BART? Do they actually think that BART cares about people's ability to carry 5 suitcases while walking a quarter mile to the platform?

Quite an entertaining little observation.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Josh said...

That is just plain silly. Whether they have never used BART before or never heard BART before, common sense says that you find out what the details of the parking arangement are... and of course, sadly typical that they are blaming everybody else BUT themselves.

I'm glad that I didn't have to ride on the same train with them and 5 pieces of luggage. It is bad enough trippping over these roller bags that so many daily commuters are using these days.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is, while working a station, a women walked up to the booth, put her keyes into the slot and said, "My car is parked at stall XXXXX, bring my luggage around to the platform for me!"

How's that and not even a please!

Anonymous said...

Of course these people don't have a clue. They erroneously assume that BART might provide a higher degree of service beyond normal transit fare. Regular BART riders know that BART has difficulty providing the basic (read: patron-friendly, affordable, timely, efficient, clean, and safe) transit services so wouldn't even dare think of anything more.