Saturday, December 16, 2006

5 more work days until time off!

These 5 days before the holidays are the best in terms of commuting to work. For those of us who still have to work these 5 days leading into the holidays, at least we get to enjoy lighter traffic, open seats on BART, more parking spaces at the stations and just fewer people in our way in general.

I also tend to be in an extra good mood during the week before Xmas; a lot more tolerant, a lot more sociable and a lot more considerate on BART :) Who knows, maybe I'll only have good things to write about next week on BART musings.

Hope you all are almost done with your holiday shopping! I'm only about 50% done and running out of ideas!!!


Josh said...

Yes, I feel it is a nice respite. Lets us relax a little bit before the January rush. With the bridge toll going up another dollar, I am somewhat anxious to see what that will do to the parking situation. I have already noticed the lots filling up earlier and earlier as the months wear on. The "emtpy" lot of this week is still fuller than I remember it being at the same time of morning back in March.

dndgirl said...

Let's not forget the week between Christmas and New Year's. The station lot is a ghost town!

Josh said...

I'm hoping to treat the week between holidays as a work-from-home week. Let's see how that goes... The one downside to riding on such empty trains is that I feel like a sucker for being one of the few folks that is still heading in to the office.