Monday, August 06, 2007

Leaning on someone's shoulders

I saw a woman sound asleep on BART today. She was in the window seat while there was a man in the aisle seat. Her head was swinging from left to right, front and back, and finally it comfortably found a resting place-- on the man's shoulder!

The woman was still asleep and looked to be quite comfortable resting her head on the man's shoulder. The man looked at her but didn't make any attempt to shake her head off, or move his shoulder a bit.

I thought maybe they were together, so it's not a big deal. Well, until the man got off at one of the downtown Oakland stations without saying goodbye. The woman woke up, didn't have a clue what she's been leaning on, and just leaned her head towards the window and continued sleeping.

I thought it was interesting because I don't think I would let a stranger lean on me. I did let a baby grab my clothes and hair once but that's because she's a baby.

I wonder what this man was thinking. It's a bit weird for him to allow a stranger to rest on his shoulder. Granted, the woman is attractive and well-dressed.


Anonymous said...

So he was being nice to someone who was obviously tired. Good on him, I say. I hope he wasn't annoyed by it. Depending on the circumstance, I might find it funny. Maybe even sing her a lullabye.

If she smelled or snored or was doing something else obnoxious, that would be one thing. (Though "smelled" could involve things like perfume. Poor guy might have some explaining to do when he gets home, smelling like a rose...) There is no reason to put up with abusive behavior, but there is also the opportunity to dispense kindness. If I have the choice of walking away from that sort of incident either smiling or ticked off, which one sounds like a better mood to be in?

Anonymous said...

He allowed it because she was attractive. He was probably fantasizing about her the whole time.

Anonymous said...

People like you are what make the world a sterile, boring, unloving and uncaring place. That someone should rest their head on your shoulder. Perish the thought!