Monday, August 27, 2007

Not in the mood to deal with line-cutters

Monday mornings are just the worst. I'm tired, my mind is filled with to-do items to take care of once I get into the office, and the idea of waiting 5 more days until the weekend is simply miserable. This morning was no different except that I am even more tired than usual from a poor night's sleep.

I arrive at the platform and find myself a position where I would be the first to stand in line. As the train arrived, I noticed 3 people, same party, previously seated in one of those covered benches, started to approach me. I moved a few steps forward to "signal" to them to stand behind me since I was already in line.

But to my surprise, they started squeezing in front of me, trying to push me back. It's like I was invisible...the three of them just started encroaching my space in the front of the line.

I cannot deal with this at all, esp. not on a Monday morning. The etiquette is those who stand first in line should remain first. It doesn't matter that they might have arrived before me on the platform-- they CHOSE to SIT, and not stand, therefore, they need to get in the back of the line!

I had to tell them as politely as I could, "There's a line here," and pointed to the line behind me. By this time, there were 3 people in line, and none of us would have been happy if they cut in front of us.

They not only didn't get in back of the line-- they actually remain right next to me, crowding me even more. One of them gave me a dirty look. I knew this would be a fight for position. **ck this, I thought to way you are getting in front of me.

As soon as the train door opened, I dashed in before them while using my computer bag to block their entry...and so did the guy standing in line behind me who straight out walked in front of them. We got on in time to take the two last seats.

They need to learn the rules.


Josh said...

I'm glad to hear that you didn't just roll over and take their boorishness. It must be line-jumper day today, I had some people try to bumrush the door around me this morning also. I don't put up with that crap either.

Anonymous said...

I encountered a situation where a man "saved" his place in line by putting his briefcase in front of the yellow line while he read a magazine while sitting in a nearby bench. I felt like kicking his briefcase into the tracks but held back.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the problem with people "saving" a space in some way if they were actually there first. All that seems to be said here is that someone has to stand in line or won't have a place, but some people have valid reasons for not being able to stand for long periods. Just sitting down and then expecting to be let in line may be be pushing the envelope of this as there should be some courtesy involved. For example, if someone can't stand yet has nothing to hold his place, he/she could politely say something about this to the person in line. However, if he chooses to act like a jerk, then he should get treated like a jerk. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

It seems like it's becoming more widespread. I used to complain about line cutters in automobile traffic, saying, "Can you imagine them pulling that stunt in a grocery line?" Well, guess what, now they are doing it in the grocery line, too. They'll plunk down a half-filled basket in the line, then amble off three and four times for more items. And woe betide you if you should nudge their basket aside when it's time to advance the line and they are nowhere in sight; they'll come barreling around a corner and act like you are the one with no manners. Jerks!

So BART is just one more place for idiots to practice "me first even when I don't deserve it."

dndgirl said...

You go, girl! I do exactly the same thing: move quickly around them while blocking with my carryall. Amazing how well this works!

Anonymous said...

Just an idea: Standing in line for BART is LAME!! I grew up here, and nobody ever used to do that. I understand the morning commute is hectic, but usually, even if you're last in line, you get on. Maybe you don't get a seat, but CHRIST!! Aren't you gonna sit on yer fat arse at your office job all day anyway? Even more annoying: 8 people lined up for BART (I call 'em Robarts): Train comes; slightly crowded, but still boardable; the Robarts stand in line and dont get on because they want to rest their precious posteriors on a seat, thereby confusing the bovine robarts behind them. Result? A-holes stay in line, "polite" people are too scared to go around, and I just slip right in. I may stand, I may be a "cutter", but isn't this the good ol' US of A? Are we in commie friggin Russia? I hate standing in line!! Go back to your SUVs, convert them to renewable energy, and eff off.