Friday, August 17, 2007

Picture of the day

Someone posted this under comments in one of my previous entries. Look at how clean this train looks! Sure, there's wear and tear on the floors but it is meticulous. I've been to Singapore and the entire city is clean. In fact, there are cameras on every major intersection monitoring citizens and you get fined (sometimes jailed) for littering, sleeping or even spitting on the streets. Not saying that's the model that we should follow but boy, that sure would make one clean country if we had to live under those strict regulations.

It can be the end of the day and this train will still look that clean because it's in Singapore. I've seen it firsthand.

Here's the picture:


Anonymous said...

I've been on 2 different train systems in Lisbon, on the metro in Montreal & in Toronto - all are cleaner than BART. The trains in Lisbon were as clean as the one in this picture.

Anonymous said...

would help if BART Police would do their damm job for a change and start issue tickets, instead of being out of site out of mind.

Anonymous said...

I have ridden on the:

- Hong Kong MTR and LTR

- Prague Underground

- London Underground

- Athens Underground

How do they compare to BART?

1) You can buy tickets in small denominations vs. BART's $20 limit when you only need to go 2 stations. Yet another BART scam!

2) They are all CLEAN!!!! I have seen people eat in them, but they appear to have respect for others and clean up their mess. In addition, their transit systems, unlike BART, make more of an effort to keep their trains clean.

Here is a solution for BART. If keeping the trains clean is costing too much money, why not hire all those doods standing in front of The Home Depot all day! I am sure they would jump at the chance to clean a BART train for, say $50!

BART employees and managers are just lazy! there is no excuse for the filth in the BART train cars! PLEASE, PLEASE DITCH THE CLOTH SEATS AND CARPETING!!! if someone wants padding, tell them to bring their own seat cushion, or take a hike!

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I saw a fellow surreptitiously spit on the carpet. WTF! Maybe we should bring back the pillory. Or caning, like Singapore.

Anonymous said...

i don't believe it. looks fake to me.