Monday, September 24, 2007

The consequences of not taking BART to SFO

We went on a quick one-night trip to LA and decided that our departure and arrival times shouldn't put us in the thick of traffic going back and forth between SFO and East Bay. We figured driving will save us time since taking BART to SFO from where we live will take 70 - 75 minutes total.

The drive to SFO on Saturday morning was a breeze. Took us 35 minutes total. It totally justified not taking BART.

The way back from SFO to East Bay on Sunday evening, however, was horrendous! It was bumper and bumper from Monster Park (no home game that day as 49ers got ripped part in Pittsburgh) all the way to our destination. Drivers were impatiently cutting each other off, yet going nowhere...we almost got into a couple accidents during our drive. At that point, I certainly wished we had taken BART to and back from SFO.

I'll be traveling again this coming weekend for work and this time, I think I'll be a good girl and deal with BART. It may be 70-75 minutes but at least I'll get to relax during most of the ride.

Oh, by the way, a quick side note. I tried Virgin America for the first time-- the experience was about 100 times better than Southwest Airlines and United Shuttle. I definitely recommend it!

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Did you see this article in the chronicle regarding muni?