Monday, March 30, 2009

Just another manic Monday..

Couldn't quite decide which observation to write about today, so decided to do a Top 5 Monday list instead...

5. Saw 3 passengers carrying coffee cups come in today. As expected, one spilled and dripped all over the new plastic floors, which made the coffee roll all over the area and onto people's shoes.

4. Saw a mom with 3 little kids come into the train. Mom was all over her iPhone copycat while the kids were screaming they were hungry, sitting on the floor, walking around the car, jumping in place. Mom did not look up once! (Well, maybe once to check her clock.)

3. Someone took my standing space after I stepped out of the train to let people exit the train out of courtesy. I wasn't in the mood to explain and reclaim my space so I just gave a look and squeezed him out of the area.

2. Saw someone with a Kindle (ebook/eReader from Amazon). I still don't think I will enjoy reading from it. Anyone here with one and would like to offer feedback??

and the most bizarre thing I saw today......

1. After the train emptied post-Montgomery station, saw a man with a tight t-shirt use the overhead safety bars to do pull ups. What the heck??? Was he trying to show off? I don't know if those bars can handle weight. Still, it was just weird since he was just going up and down the bar nonstop and counting.


Anonymous said...

Since he didn't rip the bars off the roof, evidently the answer is yes. (Was he chinning on one bar or both? If both, then each one carries only half the weight. 80 or 90 pounds is not all that much to hang off a bar.)

Now, if the whole carload of people started doing that, all bets are off.

Anonymous said...

This morning(3/31) on the Dublin line around 7:15 am, I saw a BART employee (had his BART badge draped around his neck) walking through the train holding a cup of coffee - your standard paper cup from Peet's/Starbucks/etc. Now, if we expect BART patrons to not break the rules & not consume food/drinks on BART, shouldn't this start with BART employees themselves?

bartmusings said...

That is classic. Maybe they are exempt from rules. Personally, I'd LOVE to have a cup of coffee on the train but I don't because I actually follow the rules. I'd like to think there are still some of us left! There are...but I do see more and more coffee cups on trains. It sure doesn't help that BART stations sell coffee now too!