Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Already sensing effects of summer exodus

As schools start to break for summer, I'm looking forward to emptier lots and trains. Cal is out now and soon all schools will be. The freeways will move faster, coffee shops emptier in the mornings, everything will just seem smoother and less congested.

It sure will make the commute a lot easier for the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

and the economy will slow even more. remember that after the dot bomb traffic eased around SJ because thousands had no need to commute. crowded trains mean more activity.

bartmusings said...

True, but specifically with summer vacations for schools, it means most of the traffic and $$ are transferred to the travel industry.

Master Chief said...

Things in the Bay Area also get a lot nicer when the Burning Man douchebags are off in the Nevada deserts frying what little is left of their brains and swapping STDs.

The week or two of Burning Man is the absolute best time to be in San Francisco.