Friday, July 31, 2009

BART Agreement Reached!

At least we know there will not be strikes. I wonder what concessions the unions had agreed to exactly? We'll find out soon, I'm sure.

The repercussions of this drawn-out negotiation process are the negative impressions of BART, the employees and unions left on the passengers. I am not the only one who now feels even more so that BART care little about passengers and that employees don't have much regard for passenger satisfaction.

This situation shed a lot of negative light on BART employees and management.


Anonymous said...

Nothing much has changed. Wait till the next round. They are still incompetent, greedy snobs!

Anonymous said...

I bet the employee to management relationship will suffer the most.

The workers are working class like most riders, there shouldn't be a change there.

SongMonk said...

I thought I heard on the radio that the union made concessions regarding overtime hours. (I don't know whether that is limiting the number of overtime hours, reducing the pay during overtime hours, or what.)

But in your previous post where the ridiculous overtime pay was mentioned, it looks like some concession was made there.