Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey BART Newbies! Learn these rules of etiquette on BART

Daily BART commuters understand and abide by some unsaid rules on BART. It is very easy for us to spot who the newbies are. Now, don't be offended, take this lightly, you'll learn!

The past couple of days have really tested our patience, not just because of the crowds and lack of parking but also because of the disruption in etiquette and routine. There are many rules on BART but here are the top five than you must follow immediately to avoid dirty looks, curses or much worse:

1) Please keep to the RIGHT on the escalator if you choose to stand instead of walk up or down. If you feel like getting some exercise, or are in a rush, then take the left side on the escalator!

2) Whether on the right or left side of the escalator, NEVER come to a sudden halt just because you are near the end of the ride. When you suddenly put on the brakes, people in back of you will run into you, causing a domino effect. Keep walking when the escalator ends and continue walking on the floor.

3) AlWAYS have your BART ticket handy BEFORE you arrive in front of the ticket gates. Do not hold the lines but digging for your ticket in your purse, computer bag, wallet, pocket..etc.

4) Do not block the train doors when people need to enter the train. Step slightly outside of the train if you have to and let people in! The train will not leave without you. Not that close.

5) There's no need to make your way to the train door 2 minutes before your station, especially not in a crowded train. Your pushing and shoving prior to arrival make everyone around you extremely uncomfortable. There are others that will exit with you-- you will be able to get out!

I just read that the Bay Bridge will reopen by commute hours tomorrow am so newbies probably won't need to use these for awhile. Keep these handy just in case the bridge closes again (hopefully a scheduled closure, not a sudden breakdown!)


Anonymous said...

As a "veteran" BART rider, I have to disagree with you on #5.

If everyone gets positioned ahead of time, it makes loading and unloading much faster, which means the train doesn't have to linger as long at each stop and hold up all the trains behind it.

It's much more efficient because as soon as the doors open, everyone near the doors can get off quickly, leaving an empty space for everyone who wants to get on.

I will happily get out of the way of someone making their way toward the doors while the train is still moving, even if it's a slower process. It really irritates me when the train reaches a station, and someone in the middle suddenly realizes this is their stop and starts ramming their way through, stepping on toes, etc. in a big rush to get to the doors before they close.

Plan ahead, and position yourself close to the doors early!

Anonymous said...

agree w/ deskittss. Utter contempt for pax who sit until train has stopped at their station.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of these unspoken rules the other day when I overheard a rookie yelling at the people walking down the escalators on the left side.

Re: #5 - Positioning yourself next to the doors ahead of time discriminates against short people with poor balance. There are only so many places I can hold and I'm sure the other passengers do not want me grabbing onto them as the train makes a hard stop.

Although, that may provide some needed entertainment...

Anonymous said...

If you reword rule #5 as "no need to worm your way through the packed crowd ahead of time" I'll agree with you -- PROVIDED that people reliably follow rule #4, which at certain stations they don't.

Regarding escalator etiquette, left-hand fast-laners need to realize that there are exceptions: someone with luggage, a blind person with a dog, someone who needs extra support, et cetera. Don't just go barreling down the steps and expect a clear path. Keep your wits about you.

Adding to ticket etiquette: PLEASE check your ticket for the right fare BEFORE entering the turnstile. Making everybody back up so you can get out of the chute is annoying. Some guy did that this morning right in front of me, and knocked my ticket out of my hand when he backed out suddenly. You had an entire train ride to figure out that you needed AddFare.

Anon @comment#3: there are plenty of handles on the seat backs.

Anonymous said...

Another rule: Don't board in a mob. Form two queues at the door markers on the platform. If the next train is not yours, step to the side; boarders in your queue enter the train, while the rest of the queue accordions forward.

Also, let the people off the train before attempting to board.

Anonymous said...

#6) if you got big tits let them hang out ur fellow riders will appreciate it + its good for the ehnvironment.

Anonymous said...

I agree with deskitty about #5. I hate it when people wait until the last minute to off board. Waiting until the train is at the station adds dwell time which makes the trains run late.

I strongly endorse the double queue at the station. I refuse to line up behind someone in one long straggly line. I will start a second line. There isn't enough room in the station for a single line and when people choose to stand a few feet apart, it's ridiculous.

Also, I might add that when you step on someone's feet, bash them with your purse/briefcase/elbow/whatever, excuse yourself. A packed train is no excuse for jostling someone and not excusing yourself. I've had people step on my feet and look at me with a "So?" expression.

In fact, how about excusing yourself when you are arriving at your station and you need to get off instead of just pushing your way out of a packed train?

Auntie Crankypants

Anonymous said...

All of this was well said. I find it especially odd when people will stop on the left of the escalators and hold up those who want to walk down the escalator. Also very rude when people decide to walk on the left but suddenly stop causing a domino effect. That is very rude and dangerous. I think it is common sense not to do this. Then the person behind you may get angry because of the sudden stopping in front of you. About ticket problems- we do check our fares, just because our ticket decides not to work doesn't mean it a problem with fare or not checking the fare.

Clarize said...

I think you've got #5 wrong.

The one thing that irritates me the most is needing to get off a BART train while everyone else pushes and shoves to get in. If you want to get in, let people out first. Or at least stand to one side so people can exit the other side. I can't even say calmly without swearing how much this pisses me off.

Maybe if you ride the BART and see a skinny, tall asian girl cussing at old white ladies to get out of the way.. You'll find me.

I stand up before my stop gets there and the people at the station clearly see I'm trying to get off (the train isn't full by the way) and yet they push into me like a rat or something and I just want to yell at them and tell em to wait.

And I'm not saying this as though I do the same as the white ladies. I always stand to the side of the door waiting for people to exit the train but I also see people walking in and bumping in to people who are trying to exit. I want to yell at them and say WAIT YOUR TURN YOU DUMB F***.

ugh. People who ride BART are dumb sometimes.

Clarize said...

Just realized the #5 ISNT wrong technically wrong.. I think this was cuz I replied in the middle of the night and half crazy/tired... But I still stand by everything else I said.. haha

Clarize said...

Okay.. now my comment just sounds retarded.. disregard my mistakes -_-

AznLuvr said...

Clarize, get a life.

Ronzoni said...

Myob - don't get in the face of people who don't follow unspoken rules