Monday, November 09, 2009

Do not hold the train doors open!!

As many commenters suggested, I really should have included this in the top 5 etiquette blog! How could I have forgotten?!?!

I don't care if your friend or wife is just running up the escalator-- when the doors need to be shut, they need to be shut!!! Some passengers just don't realize the consequences when these archaic doors get jammed! It could cause a delay up to 10 minutes when these doors need to be fixed by a technician.

Someone held open the doors this morning as it was closing to squeeze in. Luckily, the train operator was open to close/open a few times to get it working normally again. This passengers was then scolded by the T.O. over the speakers-- GOOD! Glad that he was called out like that! He got so many stares in our train car that he walked over to the next one.


Anonymous said...

maybe when BART in its wisdom orders new cars they would have doors that will be more robustly designed so this issue will go away. And, FWIW, if there are several persons traveling together, the sprinter among them has a DUTY to hold the doors for the slower ones. Yes, with 20 minute headways, I AM willing to delay the train by a minute or two since as we all know, the time between stations is elastic enough to make up that time over a trip.

Anonymous said...

All of this was well said. I find it especially odd when people will stop on the left of the escalators and hold up those who want to walk down the escalator. Also very rude when people decide to walk on the left but suddenly stop causing a domino effect. That is very rude and dangerous. I think it is common sense not to do this. Then the person behind you may get angry because of the sudden stopping in front of you.

Anonymous said...

The Budapest subway has doors like horizontal guillotines (not to mention widespread undercover and uniformed transit police--for example, see the 2003 movie "Kontroll." I can imagine if anyone was brave enough to insert an appendage (or themselves) between the doors, the transit police would be right there to write 'em up and/or re-attach the appendage.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #1: If there are several people travelling together, it is the DUTY of the sprinter among them NOT TO SPRINT ahead and get separated, stupid.

If you absolutely must hold the doors open, do it by standing across the threshold. The train operator won't close it on you (though you might get scolded). If you aren't already there by the time the doors are closing, tough luck.

If you break the door, you should get thrown off the train, cited, and charged for the cost of repair.

LMH said...

I just came across this blog, and should probably read the rest of the entries :) But I am too a commuter via BART. I hate when others hold the train doors open but love it when the passenger gets called out by the operator.