Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you kidding me? A pro-Mehserle rally?

Apparently, there is a pro-Mehserle/pro-law enforcement rally going on next week in Walnut Creek. It may be well intended but this is a recipe for disaster! If the "anarchists" choose to express their opposition to this rally, I won't count on the Walnut Creek PD to handle the looters and rioters. They just don't have the experience and hands-on training to deal with violence.

And why Walnut Creek? Because Mehserle is from the area? Also, the verdict has already been handed out. Isn't it enough that the jury decided that Mehserle's actions were unintentional and not premeditated?? Why incite more anger into those who believed otherwise by holding a rally?

There are so many other ways these folks can show their "support" for Mehserle and other accused cops....why a public rally??

I hope I'm wrong on this.