Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saving seats??

I knew it was only a matter of time before I found material to write. Day 2 of my return to daily BART riding and I knew the "honeymoon" stage was short-lived. 

In a fairly crowded train, I find an empty seats amidst a sea of heads.  I get myself there and ask if I may sit down.

There was a lunch bag and a huge backpack on top of the empty seat.  The man in the other seat looks at me and said....sorry I'm saving this seat for my friend who gets on at Rockridge station.

What??  Saving a seat?  You can't do that on BART!  This isn't the movie theater, people.

I said, well, I'll sit there until your friend finds you.

We just past Rockridge and the 'friend' is nowhere to be seen.

Rule people: seats are first come, first serve, except with priority to disabled, elderly, pregnant women and found children.  In my book, at least.


Anonymous said...

Saving a seat? What balls to even try such crap. I've never encountered anyone "saving" a seat on BART, but if I did I hope I'd have the gumption to confront them...

Welcome back, btw

oh honey said...

erg... im very able bodied and quite young (22!) and i HATE when i offer a seat to an elderly/disabled and some snoot ass youngsters goes ahead and steals it from them (this happens quite often on bart and muni)...

and the whole saving a seat crap? i've never seen anyone do that to me but if that did, i'd be like who? your imaginary friend? well you smell anyways, they can have that seat.

lol jk. i just hate that when i offer my seat some able bodied person takes it.. or when im standing and i can clearly see able bodied people sitting at the front of the muni bus or bart not offering their seats to an elderly/disabled. >:[

/end rant. haha

bartmusings said...

Confront him I did. It's not the first time I've run into someone who's saving seats. The other time, years ago, I let it go since it was someone younger, maybe in junior high.