Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Powell Station construction

Does anyone know what type of work they are doing in Powell Station? Half of the walkway paths have been taped and bordered off, leaving the homeless and performers battling for limite territory. Whatever work they are doing is cutting off air supply in the station and you can smell the urine much more strongly every morning.

Are they building stores? Updating fixtures? Whatever it is, I hope the completion comes sooner rather than later. Unlike New Yorkers, people in SF don't know how to walk quickly and efficiently in one direction or the other. Here, we have a lot of people who walk leisurely in the stations, looking around left and right as if they are strolling in a park. Or, we have friends who walk in a row blocking foot traffic from both directions.

Yes, call me impatient, that's fine, I am impatient while in commute mode :)

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apartments near bart said...

Time is really of the essence. It should come as no surprise that many of us become a little short-fused when in a (mad) rush.

That's why finding a place close to work is really a "benefit".