Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another BART Irony

Thinking I'll start a series of short posts simply on BART ironies. Today, 2 of 3 turnstiles had a handwritten "NO CLIPPER" paper over the Clipper card sensors. Only, it wasn't just today, these signs have been there since last Tuesday, more than a week ago. Those of us who use Clipper cards had to form a long line to get through using the only working turnstile.

Why should commuters ditch BART tickets for Clipper cards when BART can't even get a sensor fixed in a timely manner? Just ironic given how hard BART has been pushing Clippers.

I wonder if the turnstiles will still be broken tomorrow-- somehow, I'm thinking YES.

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Teresa said...

I just posted about this in another post. Last night none of the sensors were working. Grrrr!