Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do you give up your seats? Picking up the question again in 2013

I've written about this at least twice.  But as I ride BART each day, I see things, and it really makes me question who truly deserves a seat in the designated section.  Obviously, those who have any physical handicap, senior citizens and in my book, any pregnant women who look like they are past 2nd trimester.  I happily and willingly stand up for any of them.

Is that too little? Am I not being thoughtful enough?  I must not be since I've been increasingly asked to get out of my seat for someone middle aged with a few gray hairs, or someone who looks overweight.  Hey dude, I'm tired too, just because I don't have gray hairs and I happen to be slender, doesn't mean I didn't have a pain somewhere that day or have some illness that requires me to stay low!

And why am I being picked on?  The man next to me, and the women across from me, look even younger and are just listening to music!  Why am I, being on Facebook and Twitter, the one picked out of the bunch??

Also, when did female passengers immediately demand seats from male passengers??  We can't stand??  I don't think men need to always get up for women-- not like our society expects chivalry these days, so why demand it on BART?

One last thing, when will all the BART trains be updated with new flooring and seats??  The year is half over!


lolorashel said...

I'm a female and have often offered my seat to others. I have a bone spur and my foot hurts a lot now. It actually pained me the other day to watch a very pregnant lady stand while not one single person offered their seat. I didn't either though. It was one of my worst foot days and I had ridden backwards to get a seat. I still feel guilty. :-/

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't have to give up your seat for a pregnant person. Pregnancy is not a disability, it is a choice. Those people made concious decisions to get pregnant so they should have to deal with standing up on a crowded train. Sorry, I have no sympathy and I am a female.