Friday, August 02, 2013

Strike on Monday Highly Likely! Who is watching out for us, the passengers??

I am sure you have all heard by now, BART union issued a 72 hour strike notice last night.   The unions and BART management seem to be no where close to coming to an agreement.  

According to SF Chronicle, BART medical insurance costs have increased by 251 percent in the past 12 years, from $24.6 million to over $86.4 million next year, while the employees' pay has increased from $25 to $92.  Sounds pretty reasonable to me, especially with the lax and generous overtime and sick policy.  

I don't think the rest of us had salaries and benefits that increased by that much in the last 12 years.  It's a much higher pace than inflation.

Do I side with management? Not exactly, their salaries make anything else look inequitable.  Do I side with unions?  Not really.  I don't feel that the level of service we, the passengers, receive warrant a significant pay and benefits bump.

I just want this to be resolved without the need to raise fares.  $10+ per day isn't easy for many to afford.  It's food for the family, school supplies for kids, money to pay medical bills and drugs, etc.  Can anyone please think about the passengers a bit here?  We work damn hard to do what we can to support our families and unfortunately, we have to depend on BART to get us to work and back home.

Who is there to watch out for passengers???  Why don't we have a say?

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Anonymous said...

In this world, there are mainly two classes of people; the screwers and the screwees. The passengers belong to the latter class.