Wednesday, December 03, 2014

(Updated) Station Agent Ed from Orinda -- A man who's transforming BART's image

If you board at the Orinda Station, I'm sure you know who I am talking about!  His name is Ed, he's a station agent, and he goes above and beyond to help passengers.  You can count on him to get out of the windowed box and say hi, good night, or have a good day, when you pass the turnstiles.  He smiles, he waves and his actions are making a difference, at least for me.

If you've been reading BARTMusings, you'll know that 90% of my posts are focused around negative encounters, with the other 10% being funny or straight-up ridiculous passenger observations.  Well, this one is positive and I want to express my thanks to Ed for caring more than any station agent I've seen in the last 16 years.

My husband and I both take BART, he takes it daily, while I only go into SF 2-3 times a week.  Ed's greetings, no matter how much we dread the ride into SF, make us smile back.  

It is so shocking (and perhaps it shouldn't be) that a station agent voluntarily comes out of the window to interact with passengers.  In the past, I've had to say 'excuse me' at least twice for a station agent to acknowledge me.  Other times, they don't talk back at all to me, nor make any eye contact, and act like I've interrupted them as they let my ticket through.

But Ed, he talks, he smiles, he walks around, he waves, and you know what? He cares!

He told me that he voluntarily comes to the station an hour before his shift starts to prepare for the day and to make sure everything is in order!  And he knows he won't get paid for that time.  Wow...especially after the BART strikes, this genuine action of care from an agent is unfathomable! 

Last week, I took my 6 year old to work with me (since school was out) and Ed introduced himself and showed nothing but enthusiasm and friendliness.  It was my son's 2nd BART experience (not counting the times he was an infant and can't remember) and it was a much more pleasant one starting with Ed's actions.  I've warned him plenty of times about BART-- to not touch anything, to not stare, to get out of people's way, to stand on the right side of the escalator, to not step in yellow puddles, to not talk to drunk homeless people at Montgomery, and all types of rules and warnings.  But all he really needed to think of BART more favorably was a friendly face.

Ed, THANK YOU!  I don't know if this will get you in trouble, hopefully not, but if not, I'd also love to add a photo of you!  I'll ask you in-person tomorrow :)

BART management--- Do you know Ed?  If not, you should!  He's become a very popular face in the Orinda BART station and he alone is changing the damage many other BART employees have caused through the years on the organization's public image!

Do you know another great BART employee??  I'd love to know if there's someone else like Ed out there.  

UPDATE (12/4) I handed a copy of the post to Ed today.  He was so happy and a little emotional.  He was denied a promotion today by BART.  He said this post was exactly what he needed.  Photo of him holding the post proudly.  Keep up the great work, Ed!  BART management-- I hope you'll reconsider his promotion.


Unknown said...

Great story!! And yes there are a few more "Ed's" out here!😄

Anonymous said...

I know a few "Eds" in the BART system. They're mainly in Fremont.