Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Did you feel like fainting today too?

If you took BART into the city today, you knew how horribly delayed the trains were!  I just read that there were apparently 3 fires this morning on the tracks, although I have no idea why stormy weather would cause that.

Additionally, BART was dealing with medical emergencies too!  Not surprised.  The longer we are all stuck on the train, the more likely people are going to faint, because as we all know, temperature is either too hot or too cold.  It is never just right, and never adjusted.  I was on a train this morning that felt like a sauna, especially with all the wetness on the ground from dripping umbrellas and raincoats.  The train windows were completely fogged up, some so moist that they were dripping!  We were packed like sardines, swaying right to left, as the train jerked to sudden stops (would it hurt to make  more gradual stops so people aren't falling?)  I looked around to see who might be the first to lose consciousness.  We had to hold for 5 additional minutes due to a medical emergency in a train ahead. The ride was miserable!!

Then I read this: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/3-BART-passenger-on-different-trains-faint-in-6769399.php

Only 3?  There were probably others that didn't require the medical crew or didn't make it on the news!  If I fainted briefly, I wouldn't ask the med crew to come-- I'd exit the train, drink some water, catch my breath and re-enter a train when I feel better.  Why stop the train by 5-10 minutes just because you briefly lost consciousness?  It's caused by the crazy heat and lack of oxygen!  If you feel woozy, then step out to get some air!

Hope the ride home is smoother for everyone today!!!  Don't faint!


Anonymous said...

No kidding! Crazy morning. I don't quite understand why the delays happen when it rains! I'm sure the trains and tracks were made to endure wet weather.

Fainting? I'm surprised there were that few! :)

Anonymous said...

No, there shall no fainting in Seventh-Heaven:
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