Monday, June 26, 2006

Bringing in furniture on BART

Since BART doesn't allow bikes during commute hours (a policy I'm grateful for whenever I'm in a crowded train, but can't help but feel bad for the bikers since they are 'sparing the air' everyday), shouldn't they enforce a similar policy for people who want to bring on large pieces of furniture on BART during peak time?

A coworker of mine shared with me a bizarre experience she had on BART. A weird experience, but it sure doesn't surprise me considering it happened on BART.

She was on a crowded train heading home when a man, who appeared to be mentally disturbed to say it politely, carried a large dining table onto the train. Everyone had to readjust their already uncomfortable standing positions to accommodate this man and his large table.

A few stops into the ride, the man suddenly yells, "WHO THE **CK BROUGHT IN A DINING TABLE?" and walks out of the train, leaving the table in there!

How weird and scary is that? Did he just act that way to dispose of an unwanted table? I doubt it.....why bother carrying the table all the way to do this when there are many other free and easier ways to dispose old furniture? In this case, I'm sure he was mentally disturbed, since he clearly appeared that way. I'm not quite sure what it is about public transportation that attracts the weird and scary, but it does. I've seen people who walk into the train, scream obscenities, and walk out of the train.


BartRider said...

My question is why a gate agent would let someone with a table through the pay gates to begin with.

Anonymous said...

I know how this happened, the Station Agent's manuel clearly states: "customers are not allowed to bring in items they cannot manage safely by themselves." There is no way the Station agent allowed that person to enter via the gate. I am willing to bet the person, enter via an elevator (which in many stations by pass the agent and goes straight to the platform, a design flaw to say the least).

It is not the fault of the agent, rather a design flaw. I myself wish the elevator had a ticket reader in order to call it, but that is just me.


bartmusings said...

I wonder how many people get in and free without paying each day?

Anonymous said...

Ok, while this could be the work of a mentally disturbed individual, it could have also been a stunt.... Anyone discreetly filming the episode?
While I wouldn't have wanted to be on that train, it is a pretty funny mental picture....

Anonymous said...

Since it was a table, and not luggage or something, it was probably safe, but in general people leaving belongings behind on the train is just scary! If I ever saw anyone leaving ANYTHING behind on the train I'd immediately call the operator and get the hell off that train! There's enough whackos in this world that you never know when someone is sick enough to put a bomb or poison or something flamable on a train and run.

dndgirl said...

And how about luggage? Last night during commute these two "tourists" with luggage took up two seats apiece. When the train started to fill up, one of them moved his stuff to make room and the other one didn't. When a lady wanted to sit and said something about how he hadn't paid for two seats, the other guy said something to the effect that tourists deserve more consideration! I just stared at him open-mouthed.

Granny said...

A friend of mine from Contra Costa just referred me over here. I'm in the San Joaquin valley now but I lived in San Francisco for years.

Your blog brings back memories of BART, Caltrain, and Muni Metro.



bartmusings said...
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bartmusings said...

maybe it was really a practical joke and the passengers were all part of a candid camera show! good thinking.

bartmusings said...

Suitcases really suck too! Travelers do think they are entitled to extra spaces. It's ridiculous sometimes that they refuse to move luggage over to make room for others.

When I travel, I place my luggage where my legs/feet should be, and just jam my feel in the corner so others can take the seat next to me.

I know exactly how you feel!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is a classic for sure. I'd have looked around for the camera as well. I thought the crack heads were funny enough. "Who the f brought a dining room table on BART!" I LOVE IT!

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