Friday, July 07, 2006

Coffee drinker deservedly spills hot coffee on himself

BART was just 3 minutes late today...I was able to catch my company shuttle by sprinting up the stairs.

Many people may not be aware of this, or just don't care, but in every BART train cart, there are 3 signs that say "NO FOOD OR DRINKS. VIOLATORS SUBJECT TO FINE". Many passengers don't follow this rule. I see food on BART all the time, and coffee is a constant presence on BART too. Maybe it's because passengers who bring food and drinks don't ever get fined as the sign states. I have yet to see an agent coming through the trains checking for food/drinks and ticketing violators.

This morning, on the opposite side of the cart from where I was sitting, I heard a man frantically shouting, "Coming through, make way, hot beverage here!" as if he is entitled to extra caution and space because he was balancing an overfilled hot cup of coffee. People reluctantly made room for him, mostly because they don't want to be wearing coffee stains themselves all day. One woman with an iPod didn't make room for him, and he yelled, "Excuse me, I got a very hot cup of coffee here, please make room." The train abruptly moves forward, and he spills coffee on his hand. He yelled,"Goddammit! Excuse me miss!" She looked at him and moved. I was hoping and waiting for her to yell back at him, since he is the only one at fault here.

I didn't see what happened afterwards, but I was surprised no one scolded him for bring coffee onboard and creating more stains on the floor and seats! I was way too far (and tired) to yell across the train, but he's lucky he didn't rudely yell at me to move!

Why didn't the ticketing agent stop him? What do they do in there behind the window? Obviously we know they don't have change signs they plaster the "NO CHANGE" on every window panel. They don't stop people from sneaking in through the gates, nor do they stop bikers during commute hours.

I hope just for one week, BART agents will make the effort to ticket passengers who bring food/drinks onboard to teach them a lesson. Otherwise, the rule will never be followed.


Anonymous said...

The sad fact of the matter is, there is no rule about bringing food or drink onto BART, The rule is against consuming the food and or drink. The Station Agent has very little power to stop, patrons from bringing food onto BART--this could easily be changed, if BART wanted too. The only ones who can cite the patron is BART Police (which is why, I say,"BART police need to be assigned to trains and not beats between stations).

Just me


Bob said...

I've always felt that BART could make some good money, at least enough to keep the cars clean plus some, by allowing coffee on the trains. Maybe partner with Starbucks or Pete's. Have a stand at the main commuter stations. If it was inside the station people would hit it up while they wait for their train to arrive. Hey how about turning the last car into a beverage car? :-)

Anonymous said...

The law, section 640(b)(4) of the California penal code, specifically mentions "eating, drinking and smoking." The mere possession of these items on BART is not a violation.

Some agents and BART police officers will stop people from bringing food on if it's obvious the food will be consumed within the system, for example a hot dog that was just purchased and is being brought into the station.

bartmusings said...

i guess i should have clarified. this man was definitely drinking his coffee.

bartmusings said...

I like Bob's idea!

Anonymous said...

bart should not allow food on the trains; aren't the cars messy enough? this may seem to be a good idea, but probably only until some moron spilled his coffee on you. use the last car as a beverage car? well, smelling freshly brewed coffeee would be better than what usually smells on these cars, but srill can't recommend it. as far as bart enforcement goes, management seems to displays about as much backbone and commitment to this as they do to many other aspects of operations.

Bob said...

Yeah but if we leased out the end car to Starbucks they would keep at least that one car clean. Plus they could remodel the interior with soft couches and those tear drop lamps they hang from the ceiling. :-) We could just have the control room switch to the bartista when the train switches directions.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of BART Police, where are they? in all my 10 years of riding BART, I have only seen them twice on trains (outside of the weeks after 9/11 where I saw them 10 times). I do, however, always see them hanging out at the nearest Starbucks to the BART Stations or in their police sub-stations more than ever. Go figure?