Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Is Sudoku the solution?

I have seen people at airports and trains completely engrossed in Sudoku. I've seen coworkers exchanging Sudoku puzzles and giving each other advice on which edition is best.

Although BART was on time today (thank goodness!), it was an extremely crowded train. While most people were uncomfortably miserable, I noticed a few passengers solving Sudoku puzzles and appear to be completely in their own peaceful Sudoku world. Granted, they were seated, and the rest of us were standing.

I've never tried Sudoku. Since I've never enjoyed crossword puzzles (unless I am desperate to pass time on a long flight, then I do pick up the In-Flight magazine and try out the crossword), I just assumed that Sudoku would not be enjoyable too.

Sudoku players out there- what's great about it? why is it so engrossing? Please do tell! I really do want to know. If it can make my BART ride go faster, I am willing to give it a shot!

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dndgirl said...

I love Sudoku puzzles! I wasn't an early adopter, waiting until only a few months ago, but they are addictive. You don't need knowledge of obscure words or trivia like in a crossword puzzle, just matching being able to see the numbers 1-9 without duplicating in a row, column or square. It keeps your brain active (something I REALLY need). Start off with the "easy" or "one star" and give it a try.