Tuesday, August 22, 2006

No excuse to complain about the 35+ min. delay! Two found under BART trains!

Before I found out exactly what was causing the 35+ minute delays this afternoon, I was absolutely pissed off at BART staff and the poor communication we received at Civic Center on why the "medical emergencies" at Union City and West Oakland were taking that long to fix, and why one announcement says West Oakland is reopened, but another right after contradicts it and says the station will be reopened in a few moments....yet after a "few moments", all trains still remain in holding pattern for 20 minutes longer?

I was in a rush to get home today to bring my dog to the vet before the clinic closes. I was in a mad rush to return home that I actually took a taxi to the Civic Center station instead of waiting for the company shuttle.

Of course I get there and I see the Dublin Pleasanton train being held with doors open. We had no news for 5 minutes, then "medical emergencies" update for 10 minutes, followed by 20 more minutes of contradictory announcements about when the trains will resume. Then, once it finally starts to move, it was stop and go the whole way, while stopping at each station for longer than usual periods of time due to passengers in line trying to crowd in when there is no room.

The train operator warns, "Doors are closing, stay clear of the doors" but people still stand right in the middle, some even go as far as reaching their hands in to pry it open...holding up the train even longer and making my poor dog wait for me at home!

My 30 min ride turned into 65 minutes of misery. I was angry that the ambulances (this is before finding out the real reason) could not just take the sick passenger off the trains and let the rest of the trains move on! I've seen a couple "medical emergencies" in the past on my trains and they were NOT emergencies by any means.

Finally, I get home and barely had enough time to take my dog to the vet. I return from the vet to find out that two different individuals were found under different trains today: one dead at the scene and one uninjured. CRAZY!!!

After reading that, I am not angry anymore, although I must say I was greatly inconvenienced under the special circumstances today. I wonder if the dead victim the result of a suicide attempt? And what compelled the uninjured woman to get on the tracks with a train coming??
Did she fall? I see passengers who don't stay behind the yellow line and love to cut across people lining up in back of it. I do that sometimes when stuck behind a slow-walking person. I can't help it, I like to move fast. I guess if someone I offend decides to push me off, I could easily end up on the tracks too.

Anyhow, after finding out the real reasons of the delays, I've decided to change the tone of my post completely. I guess these are real emergencies under all definitions and perspectives.


Anonymous said...

Union City was a suicide. Once that happens, train operators are super alert. The second one was an attempted suicide, and the operator stopped quickly, and the woman was unharmed.

bartmusings said...

oh my goodness. two suicides in one day? how terribly sad. i hope the woman who was unharmed will find a new and improved perspective in life.

Anonymous said...

We have a scanner at work, and it sounds like most of the time at Union City was spent waiting for the coroner, whereas they got West Oakland back and open pretty quick.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a jerk but I don't have any sympathy for people who throw themselves in front of a train. If you want to kill yourself, do it in the privacy of your own home or go jump off the bridge. The person who killed himself yesterday probably ruined the train operators life forever, this is something he or she will never, ever forget, all because of the selfishness of one person. I do feel sorry for people who are that depressed, I just think that if they want to ruin their life, they shouldn't try to ruin other lives in the process.

Anonymous said...

> The person who killed himself yesterday probably ruined the train operators life forever ...

About half the train operators (worldwide, not just BART) who have a suicide never come back.

Anonymous said...

They don't realize they are creating another victim to their own problems.

I say keep the Golden Gate Bridge free. Fishfood, clean, and if you make the trek out there, you have really thought about it.

Sounds morbid, but if someone's going to do something to themself, they shouldn't ruin someones life.

Anonymous said...

Sounds morbid, but if someone's going to do something to themself, they shouldn't ruin someones life.

It's easy to say that seeing as that you're not in their position. I think we can all agree that anybody who would contemplate this kind of end to their lives is not in the best state of mind, right then.