Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Found another inconsiderate behavior on BART

The list of inconsiderate behavior seems endless! There is a new 'first' every week! Today, for the first time, I saw a woman brushing her long, mid-back lengthed fuzzy hair, combing through the hair knots, pulling out the loose hairs and putting them on the floor, and picking out the hairs stuck between her brush and dumping the hairballs on the train floors. Because of the static electricity on the train, her loose hairs somehow stuck onto the pants of the man sitting next to her. He had the newspaper opened and did not realize that his black pants are now accessorized with light brown hairballs and loose long hairs. I wonder what his wife will say??

Quickly combing through hair is OK in my opinion, but not picking through the hair knots and cleaning your brush! People should really keep self-grooming to a minimum on BART and wake up earlier to do your makeup, hair, nails at home!!!

On a totally separate note, I saw the office janitor (who does a superb job keeping everything spotless and smelling like Mr. Clean) today spraying Lysol bathroom cleaning spray on the drinking fountains!! Not that people use drinking fountains much these days, but that sort of shocked me a bit. Are people drinking in Lysol chemicals and not knowing it? Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Better Lysol than hepatitis.

I sat in an elderly disabled seat next to the four facing seats where a very young woman was constantly running her fingers through her long hair and tossing her head. It kept flapping within milimeters of my face and she did it all the way through the transbay tube. Is this something girls do to get attention? The only thing missing was stamping feet and whinnying.

Other rude behavior: The person who stands up behind you to get off, pulls up their briefcase/packback/whatever, and thwacks you in the back of the head, pushing your head forward, and says nothing. That's always nice.

Anonymous said...

and how about the many people with backpacks of some sort who seem to forget that they have something on their backs that may stick out almost a foot? when they turn, they whack people left and right, and won't take the things off (and place it on the floor) when standing so end up taking about twice as much room. what, they don't see it so forget it exists?