Saturday, September 30, 2006

Passing on BART etiquette to the next generation

I saw something very cute today. I saw parents teaching their kids basic BART station etiquette. A man and a woman, brought 3 little ones with them to the BART station. After getting everyone's tickets, the kids immediately ran to the ticket entry, occupying 3 different entry gates. The parents told the kids they should line up one by one, in front of one entry gate, to let others use the others. The kids listened, formed a little line, and got through one by one through the right entry gate.

At the escalator, the parents told the kids that they should all line up on the right side and hold hands while letting other people pass on the left. It was very cute. The kids listened and held each other's hands, while scooting to the right to let others walk up the escalators.

It was very adorable. Also, it was great to see parents teaching the little ones to be considerate of others. I've seen many instances where kids clog up the entrance and escalators while the parents just let them. It's not a big deal at all, I mean, they are kids and don't know any better, but it's refreshing to see parents who care enough to teach the kids etiquette, even at such a young age.


Anonymous said...

My kids love Bart. We ride it frequently - into SF, to A's games. I always teach them proper manners and etiquette. It is nice to see this happening. My kids could teach a lot of adults some manners, and how to follow the rules.

bartmusings said...

Good for you!! I hope to do the same with my kids in the future.