Monday, December 18, 2006

Carpet vs. plastic floors?

I've been wanting to discuss this topic for quite a few weeks now. BART announced that it plans to replace dirty train carpet with plastic, easy to clean floors? Good idea? I definitely think so!!

The carpet is so dirty that I really can't picture in my head what the color was like when it was new? Something blue-greenish I think? We often see gum, blood, coffee stains, fruit roll-up chunks, pen stains all over the carpet...plastice floors will be a welcomed change!

Of course, there will still be inconsiderate people who prefers to throw their gum on the plastic floors (they just need to be fined!), but this decision is already a huge step forward!

Read the article about BART flooring here.


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing is, bacteria actually lives longer on plastic and metals.

Josh said...

I think that this is going to be excellent for the sake of cleanliness. Carpet acts like a sponge, and I am sure that the daily (I hope) vacuuming and less frequent shampooing don't get everything out. Seems that it will be much easier to scrub and sanitize these new floors. If only there was a similar option for the seats, that wouldn't involve a 40 minute ride on hard plastic.