Thursday, January 25, 2007

EZ-Rider Card

Courtesy of "ConcordCommuter", I thought I'd post this comment thread as a topic since it might be useful information for some. I've seen people with their slick and fast cards at the ticket gates. I get commuter checks monthly from my employer....I pretty much save them until I'm out of tickets, then I go to Safeway or wherever to buy a big stack of tickets until I run out again.

It would be GREAT if I could get a EZ-Rider card so I won't need to worry about demagnetizing my BART tickets because I've accidentally placed it too close to wallet, or wasting time going to Safeway or Long's when they've run out of high-value tickets to sell, or lining up at one of the FEW BART commuter stores! But, apparently, EZ-Rider cards don't work with commuter checks. Bummer.

ConcordCommuter said...

You should sign up for BART's EZ-Rider card. No longer do you have to wait for a ticket to spit back up out of the machine. It actually speeds up the process of going through the fare gates. Even better still, no need to keep buying new tickets and hoping that you aren't delayed at the machine and miss your train. I've been using it for a few months now, and it is excellent.

12:45 PM

bartmusings said...

Do you know if EZ Rider cards can be "charged" by commuter checks?

I really need to start looking into that!

1:09 PM

ConcordCommuter said...

They don't take commuter checks yet. Not sure if they ever will... Doesn't affect me so much, as my employer reimburses me directly, I just show them a copy of my credit card statement with the EZ-Rider charges.

I have a stack of commuter checks from elsewhere that I need to redeem. I'm hoping if I hold out long enough (but not past the expiry), I can apply them to my EZ-Rider balance.

Linton, if you are reading this, please let them know: We'd like to be able to apply Commuter Checks to our EZ-Rider blances. Thank you. :-)


Anonymous said...

I will find out whether you can use Commuter Checks to pay for your fares with the EZ Rider card. I'll try to get an answer for you in the next week.
--Linton Johnson

Anonymous said...

Whoops.. Got an answer for you faster than I thought. We have a FAQ sheet on our EZ Rider card that says:

Q: Can I add value to my EZ Rider card with my pre-tax transit benefit dollars I get through my employer such as Commute Check or WageWorks?

A: Unfortunately at this time, you can't load value to your EZ Rider card with pre-tax transit benefit dollars. We are working to add this feature to the EZ Rider card program in the future.

So the news isn't good... for now. But in the next year we hope to make the card much more convenient - including on-line access and sign up.

bartmusings said...

Thanks for checking on it for us. I look forward to using it in the future.

Anonymous said...

More information at
click on the EZRider link

They just released a few thousand more of the ezrider cards.

No more demagnetized tickets..

Anonymous said...

Built in 6.25% Discount
Linked to credit card
If you lose it, it can be disabled
not affected by magnets

Some woman at rockridge found she can put it in the bottom of her purse and just roll the purse across the spot. Or you'll see men slamming down their wallet on the target..

Seems like a good deal,
cant use wageworks, and can't pay for parking with it. The agent told me those features may be coming.

bartmusings said...

That sounds great. A problem to all my demagnetized high-value tickets! I have about 2 $45 tickets demagnetized that I still haven't had the chance to trade them in.

I am hoping that soon EZ Rider cards will take commuter checks...then I'll definitely start using it.

boopiejones said...
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boopiejones said...

It looks like the EZ rider pass may soon be able to be used for parking. I noticed this morning that the little EZ rider card reader disks are now on the parking payment kiosks. does anyone know when they will be activated? it is getting annoying having to use dollar bills to pay for parking...

Anonymous said...

It does on the Bart website that you will be able to use the EZ Rider card in October to pay for parking.

The big question that I have is when will you be able to get a EZ Rider card? I have been waiting for a couple of months for Bart to restart the program.

I have emailed Bart customer service twice on this question but never get answer.