Thursday, January 11, 2007

The speedy train

I love it when this happens....when the train operator actually has the go-ahead to hussle to make up time! My morning train arrived 6 minutes late today. I thought, oh great, I am going to miss the company shuttle again and be late to my meeting.

I processed all the negative thoughts quickly to put it all behind me. By the time we arrived at Embarcadero, I looked at my watch! Wow, we are actually earlier than an ontime arrival. By the time we reached Civic Center, I had so much extra time that I had to stand on the right side of the escalators as they moved up, just to pass time!

I don't know how this train operator was able to make up time like this! But we somehow made up the 6 minutes lost and 2 additional!

Good job!


Anonymous said...

If a train is running significantly late, BART Central can authorize the train to run at full speed (80 mph) through the transbay tube. This speed isn't normally authorized because of the short distance between trains.

Anonymous said... well as short door open signals at stations and a fast speed between stations, IF necessary to make up the 6 minutes into something more manageable.