Monday, February 26, 2007

What? Glaring at me?

The nerve of a woman today to glare and shake her head at me just because my purse (soft) accidentally bumped her right hand which was holding on to a vertical safety bar on the train. She must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed sinceI can't imagine anyone else being THAT upset just because someone's purse lightly brushed against their hands.

Just to clarify, my purse is light, clean, soft and small. It literally brushed against her hand for a split second because I was trying to scoot out of people's way as they were entering the train. The second I noticed, I mouthed "sorry!" but in return, she gave me a nasty dirty look and rolled her eyes, while shaking her head!!!!!

WHAT THE HECK???? I guess I'm not that surprised judging by her ultra-tight pulled back hair bun. I wished I hadn't been so polite to offer a "sorry". Of course I wasn't going to take her glaring and head-shaking without a reaction. I looked right back at her and raised an eyebrow to question her reaction. Who knows if she knew what I was doing...but it made me feel better at least.

Then I realized she was just an unhappy and unpleasant type of person. She got just as upset each time she saw an empty seat get taken. She also shook her head when a newbie BART passenger asked someone else if Montgomery is the 2nd or 3rd stop in SF.

Cheer up, lady. Don't let something so small get to you so much!


Anonymous said...

some people need to chill out. she's probably upset that it's monday and rainy.

Anonymous said...

I would have slapped her silly... if I was a woman, but I'm not so I would just continue to stare at her blankly, blinking my eyes like she's the biggest idiot in the world...