Friday, March 30, 2007

(#2 Post of the Day) Final Four weighing me down

OK, I generally don't use to talk about anything other than my BART experiences but I can't help it today. My mind is about 95% consumed with tomorrow's Florida-UCLA game, with the other 5% minimally answering emails/calls at work, eating and dealing with human interactions around me.

If you've actually followed my blog through the years, you might have caught on that I am a big sports fan...Giants, 49ers, UCLA, and because of the UCLA factor, I've become more emotionally invested in the Warriors too.

Last year's loss to Florida in the NCAA championship game was brutal- 16 points! In fact, it was over 20 points most of the game until Florida, realizing they've already won, allowed us to score a couple shots in the last 2 minutes. Seeing that idiot Joakim Noah screaming and pounding his chest like an ape throughout the game really pissed me off! I've been looking forward to revenge for nearly a year, and now that we have our chance in Final Four, I am nervous and anxious, fearing that we don't have quite enough to execute that dream revenge!

I believe in the Bruins' defense, heart, speed, chemistry, attention to details, tested experience in high pressure games, and Howland's strategy but, the Gators are damn near unbeatable with close to zero weakness when they are on. And they have been SO ON!

After pouring through at least 100 articles using Google News on the game analysis, I've found only 2 sports experts predicting a Bruins win. Sports books all have Gators winning too.

What does my heart think will happen? I want more than anything for my Bruins to beat the Gators and carry that momentum to beat Ohio St. (my prediction) and bring another banner home to Pauley Pavilion.

What does my brain think will happen? Despite what every "expert' says, I believe heart speaks louder than anything! Bruins will prevail. However, just in case I'm wrong, I am still trying my best to prepare for absolute heartbreak in case Bruins lose to Gators again. The game will be close, unlike last year's game. I predict around the ball park of 62-58, UCLA.

What will I do to help the Bruins win? I will be wearing the same dirty sweatshirt I've worn all tournament (still unwashed because I don't want to wash out the good luck we've had so far) and doing the same exact game routine that I've been doing throughout the tourney.

Look for to the first comment I make on Monday on this blog, it will reflect my post-game emotions. Will I be happy or sad? I guess I'll find out in 31 hours from now.


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