Friday, March 02, 2007

A kinder, gentler BARTmusings?

A friend of mine told me yesterday that when comparing my posts with my earlier posts back in October 2005, I've gone soft! He said that I used to be meaner and more harsh with my criticisms and observations.

Have I gone soft? After some self-reflection, I don't think I have gone soft in terms of what annoys me, what pisses me off, and what I can't tolerate during my BART commute. My tolerance level definitely has not gone up, that's for sure. However, I do admit that whereas my earlier posts were more straight out bashing and full descriptions of my thought process, I now think twice, and from differing perspectives, before I write something.

Since the article on Contra Costa Times last summer, I do receive periodic comments or personal emails from train operators, station agents, BART management, handicapped passengers, anti-BART commuters, daily BART commuters, homeless advocates...etc expressing their opinions about what I write. Hearing from people has made me think for a bit from differing perspectives, although I still write what's on my mind. Also, I have to say it is true that there have been more posts about BART improvement areas and why we need them than flat out bashings.

So, the answer to the question, have I gone soft? Maybe a little but I am still as annoyed as ever about delays, lack of etiquette from people, train cleanliness, station conditions, and the hundreds of other things I've complained about on BART Musings.

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