Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hit by computer bags three times today!

It was just one of those unpleasant morning rides today. A lot more crowded than usual for some reason, and everyone seemed to be getting in each other's way. When I finally sat down in a vacated seat after MacArthur station, I didn't realize that I was seated in overhead danger zone.

Because of the many people standing in front and next to me, and all the nearby people squeezing in and out of the aisles, my head got whacked by three different passengers' over-the-shoulder computer bags, during 3 different stops when people are making ways for each other to move out of the aisle.

BAMN! The first computer bag swings right into my head as one passenger tried to turn around to let someone get out of the crowded aisle.

WHACK! Another computer bag hits my head as the passenger excitedly turned around to scoot herself into an empty seat.

THUD! The 3rd bag bumps the back of my head this time as the passenger tilts his body to fit into a tight standing space.

My initial reaction was anger, but then these passengers were so apologetic and obviously didn't do it on purpose that I just smiled and said, "it's ok!"

This happens often on BART. It'll be nice when those new trains w/ extra storage space are finally ready. Maybe that'll alleviate these "headaches"!

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