Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Road rage galore

I had to drive to work today because I needed to carry something heavy home, and there is just no way I can handle that on BART, especially standing. (Note to BART: This is when overhead racks could come in handy, esp. when things can't fit underneath the seat. A few subway systems in Europe and Asia have this.)

Due to spring break and the religious holidays, Bay Bridge was fairly light today until past the toll plaza. During the lane merge, you generally have no problems since every driver knows that one goes behind the is just how everyone normal does it. But some jerk *ss driver decided that he will NOT let me go when it is my turn and just kept on pushing his car forward and forward, not leaving me anyroom to merge.

I definitely am someone with roadrage (that's why BART is better for my blood pressure). And this was one of those incidents that I just could not understand...why the hell would he go out of his way to not let me go when everyone is merging in order????

I couldn't take it. I yelled and gestured with my arms, "WHAT THE **CK ARE YOU DOING? IT'S MY TURN!"

He, as expected, responded, "**CK YOU!" and kept on moving forward.

Then I squeezed my way through, risking him hitting me...but no, the war has not ended, not by far!

Once his car was positioned behind me (as it should be), he started honking at me and flicking me off!! I turned around and told him to "**CK YOUSELF!" and just decided not to even look at him.

He continued on with the honking, the finger giving, and whatever else.....

Not a pleasant commute. True, I got to work about 15 minutes faster than I would have with BART (My BART ride is only 30 min. due to my company shuttle, my commute is 45 min.), and I now have the liberty to drop off the heavy load into my trunk instead of struggling with it on BART, but this *sshole really raised my blood pressure today!


Anonymous said...

We are looking at the possibility of installing overhead racks when we replace our rail fleet of 669 cars. That should begin around 2013 at the earliest. It doesn't make sense finacially to install racks on the existing cars since we're trying to retire this fleet and it's going to cost about $2 billion to replace all the cars - money we don't have yet. But good idea nonetheless!
-Linton Johnson
Chief Spokesperson

bartmusings said...

That would be great! Looking forward to it!

Josh said...

Just another reason why I really hate driving.

I am excited about the thought of new BART cars, especially the ideas of having a third set of doors for faster boarding. It's too bad that this is 6 years off, but at least its something...

Anonymous said...

yeah that happened to me and then I saw a car just like the roadragers all smashed up on a tow truck a few month's later. It would be just so poetic if it was THAT roadragers car