Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Improved BART parking situation today

Well, at least in Orinda. I definitely appreciated seeing parking enforcement issuing tickets early in the morning. The immediate impact was very evident! There were a lot more spaces left in the reserved lot today at 8:10am. I saw several white envelopes as decor on several windshields. Thank you, Orinda BART, for making a visible difference in one day! (not sure if anyone there will actually read this, but just in case!)

Have you seen an improvement in parking today? Is BART parking enforcement doing their job?

Take a look at SF Chronicle's article on BART parking situation.


Anonymous said...

I do feel that anyone who parks in reserved parking (and doesn't pay for it) should get a ticket, or get towed. With that being said, I never hear Bart talking about increasing the parking capacity. I did a check to see how I could take the bus from my home. It would involve a one mile walk to the stop, and a 1 1/2 hour bus ride (each way) because bus service in Contra Costa County is fairly poor.

Anonymous said...

no improvement in the general parking lots. some of us dont feel like paying more money just to get a space in reserved lot.

Anonymous said...

You can thank the nice young lady, CSO, who always does a good job, in citing those that park illegally. She is Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Try a bicycle!

And I'm not advocating you take the bike on the BART - BART does not make it easy at all. Get an inexpensive one you can lock up at BART. Much easier to park a bike than a car!

If you look at Caltrain there are people who bike to the train wearing a suit! And think of all the time you save by not having to go to the gym!

Anonymous said...

I would like to take a bike, but my nearest Bart station is 10 miles each way from my home. As a female, taking a bike to Bart in the dark is not feasible or safe. The one way time for my commute into the city using bus and Bart is 2 hours and 3o minutes per My point is that it is almost impossible to get to Bart without driving in most parts of Contra Costa County.

bartmusings said...

Thanks, CSO, for improving the Orinda BART parking situation today.

Do people who don't pay the $1 per day in general parking get cited too?

Anonymous said...

The CSO at Orinda, is very good about citing everyone! If you park and do not pay, you will get cited

Anonymous said...

The parking fines are a joke.

Best I can tell, it's $25 to park in a reserved spot, hardly more than feeding a meter all day.

Pretty good deal!

And this deters parking in reserved spots exactly HOW??

Start with the fine: Maybe a couple hundred bucks would have the desired effect? Maybe a FEW hundred for the second time and even MORE for the third? Hmmmm, think we've got your attention just yet, mr. mule??

Ahhh, then there's towing!! How could I forget about TOWING!! Watch the nice tow truck REMOVE YOUR FREAKIN' CAR! Won't that be LOVELY to return from your day to find YOUR CAR IS MISSING!

That'd be kinda amusing to watch on "America's freaked-out-i-est home fideos", hey??

And let's take a look for just a moment at handicapped violations -- I see 'em all the time, missing tags or hangers, but the PD leaves 'em be, best I can tell.

Perhaps public, summary executions might abate the problem, at least a little?

Anonymous said...

People are not entitled to all day unlimited parking (for free at that) after driving alone in a car to the BART station.

If you won't carpool to work, how about carpooling to BART? Get the regional carpool people to develop carpools for BART riders.

The worst is when people park their car in BART all day so they can carpool. They drive to BART alone, park in a BART subsidized lot, then catch a ride with someone in a car. And believe they are entitled to do that.