Thursday, May 03, 2007

Increased ridership on BART is felt!

Day by day, it has become evident that BART trains are getting more crowded. This morning, even standing room was hard to come by. I thought they were going to increase number of trains?? My train was still an 8 car train, in the thick of commute time.

Each stop we made towards SF, I also noticed that the lines at the platform were longer than usual. Rockridge and MacArthur both had lines swerving towards the stairs. That is defintely not normal.

Train conditions were much worse. More trash and paper left in the train. You see more food violators too. The trains are becoming a big mess!

Today, the train arrived 6 minutes late too- not horrible, but because I need to catch a connection shuttle, I was late!

Lastly, an unrelated note, all the luck, feng shui, and good karma (whatever works!) to the Golden State Warriors tonight! Hope they can close out the series tonight and send the Mavericks home depressed with nothing to do but pack up their lockers.


Josh said...

I have also noticed gradually throughout the week that trains are becoming more and more crowded. Many of these newer riders have not yet learned BART etiquette yet also (blocking left side of escalators, not lining up with everybody else, bags on seats). If it continues to be like this, I'm going to try and work from home a couple more days each week, at least until they can get that bridge repaired.

Anonymous said...

I also can tell the trains are dirtier than usual. BART needs to send more cleaning crews now that they have more riders.