Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I gave in to the "devil" today

This morning just seemed so gloomy with the heavy fog that it somehow affected my mood and willingness to take BART. I just didn't feel like putting up with BART and was trying to think of any reason to drive to SF instead. I know I should take BART for many reasons: my tickets are paid for by my employer, I already pay a hefty fee for reserved parking, it's better for the environment, I'll probably be sitting in traffic if I drive to work instead, I'll have to pay toll and parking...etc. It was a definite "fight" between the "angel" and "devil" in me as I approached the BART station. The BART parking lot entrance is just 50 yards from the freeway entrance...if I skip BART today, the path leads me to 24W towards the Bay Bridge.

I gave in to the "devil" in me, telling me to enjoy the privacy of being in my car, and urging me to take a chance with traffic today.

I just need a break from BART every so often. I get like this once in awhile for whatever reason and I just don't have the patience and will power to take BART to work. I like listening to talk radio in my car, I like being able to sing out loud (although I've seen some people in BART sing aloud too), and I like being able to let out a loud yawn and stretch to relief myself.

I ended up saving 10 minutes of time by driving, but ended up spending more money on toll and parking! And now, I'll have to deal with horrendous traffic driving home!

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Josh said...

I don't think I ever really have that choice. I work so deep in the city (out in the Inner Sunset) that it would be impossible to drive. Not only would the time be much longer, but there is the lack of parking on top of things. Without BART, there is no way I would be willing to work in the city. Well maybe for twice my salary...