Monday, July 30, 2007

You don't think people know that you are wearing a toupee?

I think the title says it all. Saw a man today wearing a hair piece that looked like a car-smashed bird. This hair piece was larger and wider than the top of his head and the color of the fake hair strands was a several shades lighter than his sideburns. The toupee literally looked like it was taped on with double-stick. It was tilted side ways, with the part near the back of his head. Perhaps this man had a rough day because the toupee was nearly off, slipping, barely covering his bald spot! Strands were going all directions! Not to mention how dirty the toupee looked! The strands were oily and stuck together. Really, I can't allow myself to be any gentler. He looked like a FOOL!

It's sad really. I have nothing against baldness. I think if someone is bald, they should embrace it! If they don't want to accept baldness, then they should seek a real solution-- hair transplant, Propecia, Rogaine, or maybe a professionally designed and fitted wig if nothing else works? I think this man would look so much better if he just proudly walk around with whatever real hair he has on his head.

If you're a Seinfeld fan like me, you probably recall this episode where George had this ridiculous looking toupee on and suddenly had a ton of confidence. Later, Elaine tossed his toupee on to the ground, it was smashed by pedestrians, and some homeless man picked it up to wear it. Well, this man's hairpiece looked like that (the smashed piece) but worse!


Anonymous said...

LOL--I think I saw the same person. EB train in the afternoon?

Anonymous said...

fczuvywnPoor guy! I have seen things like that and I could never understand why people would leave the house looking that way.But now as a woman who has lost the whole front of her hairline due to medical reasons I had to try and find a hair replacement that did not make me look like a fool and thought I had suceeded till one day I was on bart and a bunch of rough hoodlum girls got on and were using foul language and getting off at each station then running to the front of bart as if they were trying to get the train ) then would get back on and laugh while one said "They have to fucking wait for you while you are running so let's do it at each stop". I guess I was giving them a disgusting look because one of the hoodlum girls said loudly" I see Miss Wiggy sitting over there giving me dirty looks" and for a minute I did not realize they were even talking about me but when I di dit oised me off but then they had went to another train. But I am laughing about it now and have since found a more natural looking hair replcemnt device. I vow to groom it as I would my own hair so that it does not look anything like those other icky people on Bart!