Friday, October 26, 2007

BART misrepresented on ABC's "Women's Murder Club"

I don't think this show is going to last, but that's just my personal opinion. Last week, we decided to have a mellow Friday night of TV and came across this new show. My husband is a fan of James Patterson so he thought it warranted at least a try. It was slow and the characters were annoying, but that's besides the point. What I wanted to mention here is that the episode involved a crime scene on BART but instead showed some random "subway-like" setting that looked nothing like BART.

They should at least make some effort to replicate a BART train car. All they need is green fabric seats and green carpet. But maybe it's wise that they didn't since I don't think that the network is going to pick up a whole season's episodes. Not a good show in my opinion but I'm no TV critic. I do like Angie Harmon though and would like to see her back on TV with a good show...this is not it though.


Anonymous said...

While it hasn't shown BART yet, the new show Journeyman on NBC is based in San Francisco, and clearly shot in the city with many outside scenes depicting SF..... They had the obligatory cable car ride in one episode (like non-tourists ever do that) but I'm still waiting to see BART make an appearance ;).

Anonymous said...

Some locals still ride the cable car, you know. I'd say the California line is more commuter-friendly than the Powell lines, though. :)