Monday, October 29, 2007

"Smart" camera upgrades to BART trains and stations

This is good news! BART trains and stations are getting updated cameras to enhance security.

While I wish new cameras will also bring about a reduction in BART petty crimes too, it is still a good thing that BART Police now have state of the art equipment to help them do their jobs and prevent the "big" disaster.

Despite signs, announcements and ads calling for passengers to report unattended packages, most people still don't. I've reported an unattended medium-sized box once. People walked by it, stared at it, tried to look inside, but no one cared to report it. I didn't call the BART Police but instead told a station agent who said she would take care of it. I had to catch my train so I didn't stay to see what happened....I'm sure it was nothing but still, felt I had to report it regardless.

But like most people, I fail to do my part sometimes too. I've seen duffle bags left on trains and just assume it's someone gym clothes and go about my business. We can all be better, but these new cameras will help!


Anonymous said...

"Tried to look inside"...? Bad idea. If it's a bomb, it might have a trigger on the box opening.

Anonymous said...

hey as long as they do not raise fares on us, i don't care what they want to do to increase security.

Anonymous said...

Waste of money in my opnion. How will we know if it works or not?

Anonymous said...

We can't get bombed here.

The president told me so.

We're killing in iraq and afghanistan to keep them from coming here.

It's true.

The president used words and everything (in ENGLISH, even) when he said so.