Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cracking down on food/drink violators

Now this I did not know! I never thought that BART took food/drink violation citations very seriously but my husband told me that he heard on KRON4 News last night that BART has been cracking down on people who are caught in the act of drinking and eating on BART and the penalty is a pretty hefty amount of $215-$250! And there is in fact a hotline to report violators! (Anyone know what that is? He didn't jot it down. It would be very beneficial to post on BART Musings. It's not an 800 number but a 415 number.)

I'm really happy to hear that BART does takes this seriously. It'll keep the train much cleaner in the long run.

Also, apparently there are several stations that house coffee and food stands? As long as they are not encouraging people to bring the food/drinks on BART and they are subsidizing our fare increases, then I guess it doesn't hurt to have some convenience around BART.

Now is it a violation to eat/drink on the platforms too or just in the trains?


Anonymous said...

you can even get a papa murphy's pizza INSIDE the bart station in pleasant hill... i'm not sure what kind of behavior BART is trying to promote.

Chuck said...

I agree with you on cleanliness... However I see a real conundrum when you have a whole series of subterranean stations that have no trash cans on the platforms.

I have been forced to carry (lidded) beverages onto trains before by, e.g., getting a coffee at the Starbucks at Powell, going to wait for my train, and realizing far too late that I have nowhere to dispose of my cup even if I wanted to. The lady picking up litter on the platform even made a point to come over to me and ask me not to leave my cup behind.

BART needs to take care of the most egregious cases -- actually consuming foods on the train is a clear violation. But for people who have a lidded drink, they're total edge cases who deserve to be left alone, fined perhaps for spilling?

And PS - when are they going to tear out the seats and put sensible, plastic or vinyl ones in their place?

Anonymous said...

Once you enter the fare gates, it is against State Law for you to eat, drink or smoke.
640(b)(4) California Penal Code.

Anonymous said...

This morning I saw some fool harassing a woman about having a disabled ID (she was able to walk) and sitting in the convenience seats. Meanwhile he was chowing down on some sort of pink-filled danish roll.

Apparently rules are for other people.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. I am sure at any other time in my life I would be OK with this crack down. However as I am 17 weeks pregnant, there are days I have to have my lollipop or Jamba Juice to settle my morning sickness, or at least hold back getting sick from the smells on a trip at times. Maybe it’s discrimination but there are some people I don’t mind having “food” on the train.

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why anyone would WANT to east on BART. The way I see it, eating on BART is only a step or two above eating in a bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere in the pay area is a no eating or drinking area. That's why all places which sell food are in the "free" areas of the station. (Including the Papa Murphy's pick up where you can pick up a pizza on the way out in the evening.)