Monday, November 12, 2007

No holiday for me

It seems like companies are increasingly not giving Veteran's Day off as a company holiday. I've never had Veteran's Day off and I always saw it as a day where I get a break from the usual crowded trains. Year by year though, I've noticed that the decrease in passengers on BART on Veteran's Day is declining.

Today, the trains were definitely less crowded than usual but more crowded than last year's Veteran's Day. I was lucky enough to get the last seat on the train and was surprised that it was as full as it was. By Rockridge, there were at least 10 people standing.


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Anonymous said...

Veterans day is fast becoming one of those holidays much like Columbus day-- notable only because you scratch your head a minute and wonder why you didn't get any mail or find out that the DMV is closed.

It's a shame.