Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day leftovers

Noticed something different about the BART train floors today. There are more candy wrappers than usual. On top of that, I saw fallen quite a few heart message candies and used lollipop sticks decorating the already blemished carpet! Coincidence? I don't think so. I can't speak for men, but women definitely increase their sugar intake around Valentine's day. There's just more candy lying around in offices, in schools, in the house for the kids and their classmates! Heck, there are even people selling boxed chocolates around BART stations!

I saw a college student today opening up a bag of red foil wrapped heart chocolates on BART today. She tried to collect all the wrappers but some still fell on the floor. Even I succumbed to the sugar rush this morning by popping a jolly rancher in my mouth.

I'm curious to see what the trains look like at the end of the day! I just remember last year, it was quite funny to see many men carrying a nice bouquet of flowers on BART on their way home. Good thing there are many florist stands around the Downtown SF stations!

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Anonymous said...

Would it kill people to corral their wrappers?

At Fruitvale a few weeks ago, there was this rather disreputable looking character spilling all manner of litter from his fast food bag. He noticed I was watching his performance, and got all belligerent. "What the hell you looking at?" Kid, your mama raised you wrong.