Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random motion sickness

I'm not someone who gets motion sensitive. I can ride all sorts of roller coasters, I am fine with unstable flights and wavy boat rides (well, except once where our tour boat practically flipped over off the Napali Coast-- they really should not have allowed tours on that day!).

Today, on my way home, I don't know if I was extra tired, or just sitting in a weird position, or sitting in an extra stuffy train with strong odors, but my goodness, I had to repeatedly fight back some urges to regurgitate! This rarely happens to me, and especially not on BART!

It was awful. I had to dig up an old jolly rancher and hoped that the sourness would fight back my urges! I guess it worked since nothing came out but the 30 minute ride seemed endless and I just felt terrible!

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