Friday, March 28, 2008

Tourney on my mind 24X7

I'm breaking my own rule again and writing about something other than BART and the always fun Bay Area commute. Feel free to skip this if you could care less about my sports devotion...I understand :)

My 3/20 post about UCLA proved to be another unpopular's OK, it was more for good luck and for my own sanity, so I do appreciate you guys putting up with it. I got one response from someone who believes UCLA has no shot again UNC. A lot of people think that, especially after the last 2 games we played, but I believe in our team, our talent, and our drive. We'll make it work and pull through.

After nearly blowing a 21-point lead last night, I am obsessively reading every analysis of the Xavier-UCLA match-up tomorrow, and even during my sleeping hours, I had dream sequences about UCLA playing against Xavier, being up 2 at the half, and coming back with a strong 2nd half. Hope it comes true.

I think last night's game was a good wake-up call for them: Take nothing for granted, focus one game at a time, and if we want to win it all, we need to make some adjustments. No one was happy with the win because as perfectionists, they know that was far from their potential and capability. It was a B-rated effort from us as a team for many reasons, giving all the UCLA haters out there more false reasons to bag on us and the Pac-10.

But I do believe in our players, Coach Howland, and our talent. The one encouraging thing that picks me back up over and over again is the fact that every game, someone different (well, aside from Kevin Love since he's the consummate pro in every game) steps it up a notch to get us to the finish line.

Why do I believe? For countless reasons, and because of this miracle:

Bring on Xavier.

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Anonymous said...

Xavier will play you tough, that's just the type of team they have. It gets old watching UCLA wait for Love to do anything and everything. They're certainly lucky to be in the position they're in and hopefully they have gotten all the bad play out of their system. Duke, although extremely overrated, would've been a wild card matchup because of their coaching and experience. Hopefully UCLA doesn't look over Xavier since they're not a Duke nor ACC team.

Also, Texas looked pretty solid, so even before that possible UNC matchup, they'd have to go through the Long Horns (most likely).