Monday, May 19, 2008

Once upon a time....BART lucky days happen!

What a difference temperature makes. Today, as you all know, was much cooler, both in the morning and evening. By luck and whatever else, the morning train was right on time, and had a seat left for me! Wow...I felt so happy and grateful since I felt so tired today. This hasn't happened to me in quite some time! The way home, same thing. Though off schedule by a few minutes, the moment I descended down to the platform from the escalators, the Pittsburg/Baypoint awaited my arrival. The train was cool, clean (yes, clean! don't know why!) and had plenty of seats left for my picking.

Today's BART experience was so pleasant that it's hard to believe. After a tough and uncomfortable week last week, this was a welcomed change. Yeah, year, of course I know my luck won't continue on forever (tomorrow will probably be horrendous just because I posted this), but one good day like this sure picks up my BART-rider spirit!

Wish all of you will also have such a comfortable and lucky day with BART this week!

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Anonymous said...

*me crosses fingers* With the heat subsiding for a stretch trains should be running to schedule (give or take a few minutes). I've been lucky recently with my late morning and evening trains from Lake Merritt to North Concord running and time and having a good transfer at 12th Street. Hopefully things can stay staus quo until mid-summer. Okay, so that might be more than a stretch. Happy riding!