Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Help a fellow commuter find a stolen on!

The post below is from BART commuter Jeff A. His motorcycle got stolen in the N. Concord BART station. Please help if you have any information at all!!! How rigorous is the policing around the parking lots???

Full dress Harley STOLEN from N. Concord BART Station

During the daytime on Wednesday, June 11th, my dark blue full dress Harley (faring, saddlebags, trunk) was stolen from the motorcycle parking adjacent to the pedestrian walkway about 200’ ft from the Station Agent’s booth. One or more people may have been involved. Apparently, another Harley was stolen the same day from the PH station. If you think you saw anything or anyone around the motorcycles, please call BART Police Officer R. Barrera #418. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Check for the BART police at the closest Starbucks, NOT in the BART parking lots or the trains. I guess as long as they can "see" the BART station from a Starbucks, that counts as "patroling". At least this is the case at El Cerrito Plaza.

It would sure be nice if BART would install security cameras in all their parking lots. I heard they got a several million $$ grant for station "security" upgrades.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, dude, but your bike is gone and they will not catch the guy who did it. I got my car stolen awhile back in the Hayward Station, reported it, and never heard a peep from the Bart cops. wish you a better ending though.

Anonymous said...

maybe if someone stole the latte cups at starbucks or a box of dunkin donuts - then the BART police might actually do something. as it is, they are nothing more than rent-a-cops.

Anonymous said...

would be good to learn the % of stolen vehicles found or the % of thieves caught. or just even % of any reported cases resolved. to give bart cops credit, i did see them ticket a public urinater yesterday.

Anonymous said...

LOL, you people are funny. Do you really think a video security system is going to make the difference? There are cameras on the platforms now, as well as in some cars and the announcement made over and over is to be vigilant and not to solely rely on them.

As for BPD, I have had no issues with them. I think police in general get a bad wrap as being away at the donut shop or buying coffee.

Also, please justify the "rent-a-cop" statement, I don't think that is true, but then again patrons don't have to get the story 100%...50% correct. Just keep riding the trains and paying my salary. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

why do bart employees always have to sound to defensive and cocky? we experience the trains and stations daily and we only want things to improve. i guess this is how you take our suggestions and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

As an employee I experience the trains and stations daily as well from Bay Point or N. Concord to Lake Merritt. Like may of you I want to see the system improved.

It's just interesting to see comments from some (not usually on here) who have no clue, but think they have the story correct. We see negative comments about BPD all the time. We also hear from patrons, they don't do anything. We also heard that BART is doing nothing to fix the lower A Line after the fire.