Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from vacation in Japan; got quite a few things to share with you!

The vacation itself was to experience different parts of the country north and south, and soaked in local experiences such as baseball, sumo, and yes...the very complex but comprehensive mass transit systems. We're not the tour bus types of people who look at sites in back of a window...we definitely like to get out there, get around the way locals get around, eat what they eat, and see what they see. I have some stories for you!!

I kept a list chronicling the good and the bad with the Japanese transit systems which I will spend the time to write out tomorrow. I've also taken some pictures of interesting signs, overly crowded conditions, train designs, train conditions...etc which I'll post this week some time.

Hope you'll check back in by mid-week for a detailed write-up on Japan mass transit and how it compares to what we have here in the Bay Area.

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