Monday, July 07, 2008

The Day After...

Going back to work after an extended weekend or vacation is never fun. While technically we should all feel more well rested and recharged, I think many of us cannot easily let go of the sad end to our worry-free and deadline-free days. On BART today, I felt miserable and tired. After going through my morning emails, I just zoned out and stared blankly at billboards.

Meaningless thoughts such as the below passed through my head.
"Oh, that movie is coming out, cool!"
"Geez, that's an old ad, can't BART get new advertisers?"
"Urgh, like I would ever go see that?"

Then, I saw a McDonald's billboard with a double cheeseburger and "100% BEEF" emblazoned across it. Why be so proud it's 100% beef? Wasn't it 100% beef before? I knew it wasn't 100% quality beef parts but I thought at the very least it all came from a cow? Why such a big billboard advertising the fact that cheeseburger's a McD's are now 100%? Very disturbing!

Yes, meaningless thoughts but they got me through the commute (still puzzled and grossed out by the 100% beef ad). I'll need today to readjust my attitude and get back into the swing of work again!

Oh by the way...I missed a huge milestone last week. I posted my 400th entry on BARTMusings! Thank you, everyone, for all your comments, ideas, criticisms, support, suggestions, and time!! I enjoy writing about my musings because you make it fun for me!



Dan Berkes said...

I always liked McDonalds founder Ray Kroc's response to urban legends that his hamburgers contained something other than beef:

"Of course they're one hundred percent beef. Beef is cheap. (Worms/Eyeballs/Whatever else that's gross) runs $10 a pound!"

Congrats on your posting milestone. :)

Bill Dailey said...

Congratulations on the posting milestone. I always enjoy reading your musings about the BART experience!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 400th post!!

In the old days, the stores used to say "Beef 100% inspected by USDA" I always asked, "What percentage passed the inspection?"

Anonymous said...

I once had a college biology professor who had a previous career as a USDA meat inspector. He told his class of the time he condemned a whole railroad box car of rotten kangaroo tails destined to be ground up for hambergers by a nation-wide fast food chain. I don't think it was McDonalds. Kangaroo tails are legal for "all meat" burgers, but they can't put in sawdust and still say "all meat". My professor condemned the kangaroo tails because they were spoiled, but otherwise they could have legally been added to the burgers. I wonder how many kangaroos I have eaten.

bartmusings said...

Oh my goodness! I never thought that "all meat" could very easily encompass any type of meat parts from any animal! I'm sure I've had my share of kangaroo tails too then.