Monday, August 25, 2008

Did I help them or embarrass them instead?

For a sleeping Monday morning, I was pretty darn observant. I generally read my Treo, my magazine, or stare blankly at the window, but today, for whatever reason, I saw two passengers wearing brand new tops to work: one woman had the size sticker on (a long strip of adhesive that says L L L L L) and a man who had a price tag from Nordstrom sticking out of his left sleeve!

I was surprised that I was so observant! Not one but TWO passengers?? Maybe it's because my husband just wore a brand new shirt to work and I had to do the tag check on him....but for whatever reason, I felt obligated to tell them.

So I politely told them both. They were very embarrassed and immediately removed the size adhesive and price tag. What I didn't MEAN to do was make everyone around us look at them and chuckle!

Hope I didn't embarrass them too much. I really only had good intentions in mind!


SongMonk said...

You definitely did them a favor.

*And* you gave people a chuckle! It's win-win! :-)

Anonymous said...

and gave everyone else nearby reason to chuckle.

Anonymous said...

I heard some people purposedly leave the tags or labels on to show they are either expensive or name brand stuffs.

Anonymous said...

I guess that depends on how loudly you told them, but either way, their degree of embarrassment was limited.