Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making a living INSIDE BART trains

During a smooth ride this morning, I saw a kid, he's probably no more than 6 years old, selling a Costco-sized box of Snickers bars for $2 each, up and down the trains. I believe his mom, who appears to be no more than 25 years old, was standing at the end of each train, monitoring him, carrying another Costco-sized box of Snickers. It doesn't look like these chocolate bars are affiliated with any organizations or fundraising efforts. It purely looked like they were selling is.

Although he is quite a cute little thing as he walks up the aisle, saying "Anyone want to buy a Snickers bar? $2 only. Snickers? Snickers? ", there really is something wrong with this picture.

While he was within my view, 2 Snickers bars were sold. The box was half he must have made some sales in other train cars. I think he could have done better in the afternoon as passengers tend to be more in need of a sugar boost. But then, I guess food isn't allowed on BART to begin with...yet another reason he shouldn't be selling these candy bars on the train.

Shouldn't he be in school? How can his mother let him do that up and down the trains? Has someone alerted the train operator?

But then again, I had to think from their perspective. Maybe they are struggling to keep food on the table and need this money? I don't know what to think but I hope this is just a very temporary solution for that family.


Anonymous said...

$2 for a snickers? was it at least a king-sized bar? that's a 100% markup. i guess you pay for convenience (eventhough you aren't supposed to eat on bart). at least the kid isn't out selling drugs.

Anonymous said...

Getting your kid to sell for you is *always* in poor taste and form. I do understand that schools have fundraisers (but school just started this week). Even if it is a matter of economic hardship, allowing the child to walk up and down the car to sell (based on his "cute" factor) is just wrong.

bartmusings said...

Can't agree with you more. Everything was just wrong in that situation. I don't want to judge too quickly but from the way the young mom looked, she really didn't look like she had her boy's best interest in mind.

Alexandra Amaya said...

I have heard that people selling stuff like that are part of a scam. It's the same with the kids who stand outside a bank or store who ask you for money to help with funds for their "basketball team". People put these kids to work in order to get money for drugs.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but agree with the "using the kids" line. I haven't encountered this here (yet) but when I went to England this woman was standing outside of Harrod's attempting to look pitiful with one hand out and another holding onto her kid.

The woman was covered (I don't know if she was Muslim or just pretending to be one...) but other Muslim women stopped and talked to her for a bit. It's absolutely disgusting that some parents have no issues peddling their kids.